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Web Accessibility

14 Most Problematic Items

In WebAIM's Screen Reader User Survey #4 Results - Problematic Items respondents were asked to select their most, second most, and third most problematic items from a list. In giving each selected item a weighting, the following chart shows the overall rating of difficulty and frustration for each item:

Most Problematic Items Chart

Problematic items identified are (in order, with most difficult/frustrating first):

  1. The presence of inaccessible Flash content
  2. CAPTCHA - images presenting text used to verify that you are a human user
  3. Links or buttons that do not make sense
  4. Images with missing or improper descriptions (alt text)
  5. Screens or parts of screens that change unexpectedly
  6. Complex or difficult forms
  7. Lack of keyboard accessibility
  8. Missing or improper headings
  9. Too many links or navigation items
  10. Complex data tables
  11. Inaccessible or missing search functionality
  12. Lack of "skip to main content" or "skip navigation" links

21.9% of respondents listed inaccessible Flash content as the most difficult or frustrating item encountered, with CAPTCHA (21.6%) closely behind.