Web Programming with PHP

Learn how to create web applications

About Web Programming With PHP

This website is designed to serve as a first course in undergraduate web application programming in computer science curriculum. Besides the basic concepts of web applications, the PHP language is also introduced.

In no way this website must be considered as a complete self-learning course. The aim of this website is to help to teach a classroom course. However, it is possible to use it as a guide for self-learning, but with a great effort.

Topics covered include: web application design, web forms, web page templates, PHP basic syntax, dealing with web forms, and access to a database from PHP.

You should expect to spend approximately 30 hours on this course.


In order to succeed in this course, you must have taken a course in programming, preferably programming with C, C++ or Java. You must know basic HTML and CSS. Moreover, you must have some background in databases and SQL.

Mastering web applications

If you successfully complete this course, this is only the begining. If you really desire to become a web application geek, you should also know:

About this course

This course was taught at the Voronezh State University (Russian Federation) in April 2012: Недельный семинар «Web Programming with PHP»

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