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Introduction to Web Accessibility

20 Images and Graphs

Missing or Improper Alt Text

Some advices to write great alternative text:

In Text alternatives for images: a decision tree, a decision tree helps web developers to write better text alternatives for images. This decision tree asks three key questions:

  1. What is the role of the image?
  2. Does the image present new information?
  3. What type of information is presented in the image?

Decision tree for alternative text

Repeating Link Text in Alt Text

A common mistake is to repeat in the alt attribute the same text of a close link. If two links to the same target, one with an image and one with a text, are very close, then it's better to write an empty alt attribute.

We can find an example of this error in Fotoklik:

<ol class="grid-row">
<li class="item">
	<div class="category-entry">
		<a href=""	title="Biuro"
		class="product-image"><img src="" width="120" alt="Biuro"/></a>
		<h5><a href="" title="Biuro">Biuro</a></h5>

<li class="item">
	<div class="category-entry">
		<a href="" title="Monitory"
		class="product-image"><img src="" width="120" alt="Monitory"/></a>
		<h5><a href="" title="Monitory">Monitory</a></h5>

<li class="item">
	<div class="category-entry">
		<a href="" title="Foto"
		class="product-image"><img src="" width="120" alt="Foto"/></a>
		<h5><a href="" title="Foto">Foto</a></h5>

<li class="item">
	<div class="category-entry">
		<a href="" title="Audio-Video"
		class="product-image"><img src="" width="120" alt="Audio-Video"/></a>
		<h5><a href="" title="Audio-Video">Audio-Video</a></h5>

Screenshot of Fotoklik with images

Screenshot of Fotoklik without images


Longdesc is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that adds "View Image Longdesc: ..." to the image context menu.

Example: longdesc

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Longdesc Example</title>
<img src="screenreadersused.png" alt="Changes in screen reader usage over time" longdesc="" />

Example of using Longdesc add-on for Mozilla Firefox