Data warehouse design

Multidimensional data warehouse design

Download Data warehouse design with UML

What is the goal?

The aim of this proposal is to define a method that allows the designer to tackle the different phases and steps in the design of a data warehouse. Our approach is based on three complementary parts

Moreover, one important requirement of our work is to define a method with a set of models that can be used by the data warehouse designer to communicate the design to the end user.

Why UML?

Instead of defining a new modeling language, we propose the use of UML, a widely accepted object oriented modeling that unifies the methods most used around the world. UML combines elements from the three major object oriented design methods: Rumbaugh's OMT modeling, Booch's OO Analysis and Design, and Jacobson's Objectory.

The UML defines a rich set of graphical diagrams:

Download Data warehouse design with UML