Research, Development and Innovation

1 Introduction

This website is composed of the following lessons:

  1. Introduction: Introduction to structure and content of the course
  2. How to start research: How to start research in any area
  3. How to write a scientific paper: Introduction to the structure and content of a scientific paper (IMRAD organizational structure)
  4. DOI: Digital Object Identifier
  5. Quiz 1: Quiz to assess knowledge
  6. Scientific databases: Most popular scientific databases (Emerald Insight, SAGE Journals, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Taylor & Francis Online)
  7. Abstract and citation databases: Most popular abstract and citation databases (Directory of Open Access Journals, Scopus, Web of Science)
  8. Reference management software: Software for recording and utilising bibliographic citations (references)
  9. Export and import references: How to export and import bibliographic citations (references) from scientific databases
  10. Quality of conferences: Indicators that help to measure the quality of conferences
  11. Quality of journals: Indicators that help to measure the quality of journals
  12. Example quality of journals: Example of choosing the best journal
  13. Quiz 2: Quiz to assess knowledge
  14. Review exercises: Review exercises to assess knowledge
  15. Research misconduct: Unacceptable practices in research